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Write faster! *whip*
Yes master!!! Haven't written in a while. The small voice inside me that demands expression won't stop poking the inside of my head with sharp objects until I obey. So. Spent today with @Sharaith, it was mega fun, we studied and goggled over Twitter for hours on end. Good times. We're working on a fail proof formula for massive Twitter l337ness which will be published after we've milked it to our own advantage. (Teaser: naked pictures of celebrities. Have em).

Another story idea, same vein as the last:

Victorian AU, height of British colonialism, only all sorts of gooky supernatural elements are in the mix. Britania's dominance is threatened only by the Transylvanian Empire which is gaining increasing power since it's vampiric elite have begun sharing the deathless gift with the masses. A small team of agents of the Crown, League of Ex. Gentlemen style, are sent into the heart of Africa on a top-secret mission: to recover a certain oil container long thought lost, which gives it's owner access to a vast power from an eldritch plane. Needless to say the path is dangerous (fraught with sphinxes and what not) and the Transylvanians are having none of our plucky English heroes and heroines, but want all the power in their own cold hands.

That's enough for today. Sleeep...