Fast, Strong, Beautiful, Deadly
 No, it's not Buffy or River from Firefly, it's my new MacBook!!!!

I'm not sure about the deadly part. But I wouldn't be surprised if it has a collapsible grenade launcher somewhere in there.

Nor would I be surprised if it downloaded itself to my brain while I sleep and replaced me with a mindless Apple worshiping drone. Not that I'm not halfway there already...

So shiny...must caress it more....

 My reaction to the preparation material for the Applied Math course I'm starting in week. So many little symbols. So much tiny writing. So many squiggly lines!!!! If you need me I'll be sobbing in the shower.

Dum, dum, da da da DA DUM
 Call me a nerd, but there's just something about a light saber. 

SWTOR - "Hope" Cinematic Trailer #2

This one time, I drank a Strawberry Nirvana...and I saw the future
 Let's see: drive all the way to Tel Aviv and go to a party, or stay at home and eat chocolate....

Life of a cat lady, here I come.  Save me some Whiskas...

You Make Bath Time Lots of Fun
 Some might say, how hard can it be to sketch a rubber ducky?

Well to them I say...actually I don't say anything, I'm too busy stabbing them in the eyeball with a 3B pencil.

 Well I was planning to take my first dance class in six months this morning, but life - in the form of my constantly breaking down car - got in the way. Instead I got to take a scenic drive down to the garage. 

Discovery of the day: a white guy driving through the Jerusalem with Arabic music on the radio will get funny looks. Hmmm.

 My boyfriend flew back in from a tour in Portugal last night. Being the sweet guy that I am I greeted him at the airport with a box of delicious chocolates. Little did I know that he had stopped over in Zurich on the way back.

Yes. His backpack was stuffed full of chocolates. All shapes. All flavors. All sizes. Truffles, bars, bonbons. I felt a bit sheepish handing over the one little tin. 

I should have gotten him a Mickey Mouse balloon.

On the plus side, chocolate for dinner. Woo!

Art Art Art
 It's been nagging away at the back of my head all day. Gotta make some art!

 I found an awesome antique bathtub abandoned in a construction site a few days ago. It's perfect for a clip I want to film. Only problem: it's a bathtub. Large. Heavy. Maybe if I hire a truck...

Discovery of the day: trying to sketch something accurately is slooooow.

It was inevitable

...where am I?
Well we survived.

What? The Ascension?

No. Three straight days of chag.

Well, one them was shabbat technically, but the principal stands. It's going to be hard adjusting to real life again. All those massive meals, lazing  around the house, wandering around the neighborhood, seeing people that I haven't in about a year (since the last chagim) gets to be a routine. Sort of like in prison. And now we've got to cope with the outside.

I'm sure we'll manage.

I saw two awesome movies with Sharaith over the chag, both of which contributed to the unreality of the whole period.

The first, 28 Days Later, introduced me to Cillian Murphy and left me with a deep appreciation of the importance of preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

The second, Breakfast on Pluto, bowled me over with Cillian's talent and left me with a bone deep sadness that lasted through the entire next day.
Such a beautiful movie. But so sad.

Why can't people just be nice to each other and get along? Why? Why can't societies just live in peace?

Maybe Dr. Pepper knows. But he's not telling.

We're going to wrap up the fifth season of Supernatural tonight. Jensen Ackles! Homosexual undertones! The Apocalypse! Bubbly wine! In other words, party!!!


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