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Don't Not Sleep and Write
 As a slogan it needs some work. But that's how I feel! How am I supposed to write when I keep slipping into dream mode where I'm lying on a beach in Thailand having Margaritas poured down my back. Mmmm Margaritas. No. Snap back! Writing. Yes. Does complaining about writing being hard count as writing? Some say yes. Others say maybe. Others go see what's in the fridge. But not me! I stand fast. I'll write a story about a girl and her mother travelling on a space ship when an octopus like alien monster tries to break into their ship and eat them!!!! It'll be thrilling. I'm far too tired to try and write it now, of course. Tomorrow. I'll just let it stew in my head for now. Give it a few hours of fermentation before I spew it out onto the screen. I'm thinking at the end they should fry the alien monster and have him with rice. Mmmm rice. I'm hungry. What? Had dinner an hour ago? Pish posh. That's neither here nor there. Hehe. British sayings are so droll. Okay that's enough free associating for one evening. To bed. Right after I see what's on Fbook. And Twitter. And Boing Boing. And the fridge.

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I want to read what you're writing! Even if it's about space kalamari. :D

Maybe post it to lj under f-lock?

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